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Honoring the memory of C. Caratheodory (1873-1950)
June 5-9, 2000 - Pythagorion, Samos, Greece


Samos is one of the eastern islands of the Aegean archipelago and can be reached:

There are two air carriers on the line Athens-Samos: Olympic Airways and Air Manos. Olympic uses its own air terminal in Athens; all other companies use another terminal. So if your trip uses Olympic in combination with another company, you will have to change terminals. There is a convenient bus shuttle between the two terminals.  Usual taxi fares are exhibited near the taxi station. The usual fare for a trip from the airport to the city center in Athens is 2500 drachmas. You should add 300 drachmas to the price indicated on the taximeter for each trip to or from an airport or the port. Boats to Samos leave the Piraeus port usually around 4-5 pm and arrive to the Samos port around 7 am.

The Conference will be held inside Doryssa hotel, situated very near the Samos airport (about 1,5 km). If you come by plane, you may take a taxi to reach your hotel . The Samos port is at a distance of about 13 km from the Doryssa hotel. You can use a taxi or a bus to Pythagorion, but the bus stops are not near the hotels or the port, so taxi is recommended.


IMPORTANT: The hotels listed below are now full. Please contact the Conference secretary at acago@math.aegean.gr if you need assistance for booking a room in another hotel.
  With breakfast  Half Board (breakfast + one meal)  Full board (breakfast + two meals) 
Single 22.000 25.000 30.000
Double  30.000 35.000 40.000
Address: Doryssa Bay, Pythagorion, 83103 Samos, Greece.
Fax   ++30 273 61463
Phone: ++30 273 88300  or  88400  or  88500  or  88600. Note: the e-mail mentionned on the hotel's web page is not working.
  With breakfast
Single 15.500
Double 19.000
Double with extra bed 24.000
Address: Fito Bungalows Hotel, Pythagorion, GR 83103 Samos, Greece.
Tel: ++30 273 61314, 61582   Fax: ++30 273 62045
  With breakfast
Single 16.000
Double 18.000
Double with extra bed 24.000
Address: Hotel Kouros Bay, Pythagorion,  83103 Samos, Greece.
Tel: ++30 273 61611, 62671, 62672   Fax: ++30 273 61610

Island Tour, Excursions

A tour around the island is scheduled. It will include visits to the ancient temple of the goddess Hera and the Efpalinos tunnel, swimming at one of the splendid beaches of Samos, and an afternoon taste of traditional Greek coffee.

Also, several excursions to other parts of the island, or visits to Ephesus (Turkey), Patmos (the island where the Revelation was written) and other nearby islands are possible. Click here for details.


For a blink to Samos' weather forecast click here. Usually at this time of the year the weather in Samos is warm and dry. It is the beginning of the high season for tourism.

Time zones

You may check the time difference between Greece and your home country by clicking here


The Greek currency unit is the drachma. For exchange rates, click here . You can also see Greek banknotes and coins.

Maps and additional information on Samos


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